About a month ago, I decided to crawl out of my shell and throw myself into a social media workshop. I have been struggling to get my social media presence known and I could not find the answers online; believe me when I say I scoured Pinterest for HOURS with no luck. I was struggling to get pictures up on my Instagram on a regular basis, struggling to get likes when I finally did end up posting pictures, and comments just did not exist on my page (unless they were from my parents or random scam boutiques looking to “collab”). I knew it was a sign the day I came across the Platforum Workshop ad on Instagram, so I did some research and decided to pay for my entrance fee. I was so excited.

When the day finally came, I drove down to Toronto and made my way to Loft 109 where the Platforum workshop was being held. I was so surprised when I walked in, not only was the decor super aesthetic and Instagram friendly, but there were Pugs running around (one even had a helium balloon attached to his waist). There were snacks and drinks and all the other people that had come to join this workshop too were so nice and I could just tell they were creatives just like me! I was already inspired and the workshop hadn’t even started yet.


The Workshop was run by Daniel Ocean (@mr.danielocean) and Sara Koonar (@sarakoonar) - they both have a very impressive social media following so I was a bit star struck when they said hi to me.