Luxury Contact Lenses in Creamy Beige

This is my second time purchasing from Desio Lens. I'm so impressed with the outstanding quality of their lenses. I first tried Desert Dream which was a beautiful earthy green colour, it looked so natural and everyone complimented me on my eyes when I wore them. After they expired I decided to go ahead and purchase another pair of Desio lenses, except I was interested in trying out a new colour. After about a week of research I decided on Creamy Beige.


The lenses come packaged in a beautiful rose coloured box that looks very luxurious. It's easy to open, and inside are both the lenses, packaged securely. Inside the rose box is also a sample pamphlet of how each coloured Desio Lens comes out on the eye, but I would recommend doing some research and seeing how the colours come out on others because I find that paper pamphlet sample images aren't always the most reliable. The lenses are packaged and sealed so securely that it's a bit difficult to get them open but that just reassures me on the cleanliness of my lenses. Included in the package is also a complimentary Desio lens case where I store mine in. I always find myself feeling extremely grateful when contacts come with their cases because I'm always out of cases whenever I order lenses and it's such a pain having to go out and buy some.


Creamy Beige comes off as a very natural yet eye-catching grey on me. I find that when I wear these, people tend to stare into my eyes longer. I love how natural these contacts look, they fade into a natural brown in the centre which adds to the realistic look of these lenses. They are very vibrant and give an alluring yet mysterious look to whoever wears them.

The only one to give an elegance that transforms your eyes in a gentle caress. Soft and seductive glance to which it is impossible to resist
— Desio Lens

These lenses come straight from beautiful Italy and took about two weeks to get to me all the way in Canada. They are a bit on the pricey side ($60+CAD), but you honestly pay for the quality with these lenses. They last about three months, depending on if you wear them daily or not. They are a lot thinner compared to other contact brands, which allows for more air to get to the eyes while adding more comfort to the eyes. I found that I could wear these twice as long as contacts I've worn in the past which is definitely an enhancing factor when deciding on which contact lenses to purchase since I'm out and about for the majority of the day. For more information on Desio Lenses, be sure to check out their website here.  

Have you tried Desio Lenses? If not, do you have a favourite contact lens brand? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,