The Body Shop Tea Tree Line

The other day I had the biggest urge to visit The Body Shop and I'm glad I did. They had some amazing promotions going on at the time. After twenty long minutes of examining what each skin care product does, I decided to go for the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Line. I bought the Clearing Facial Wash, Clearing Toner, and Clearing lotion in a gift set which was only $27.00CAD even though each item separately would add up to about $40.00 before taxes. Plus it was packaged so nicely, perfect for blog pictures. ;) 

Although I can't say I have problematic skin, other than the occasional dry patch around my T-zone and nose, I think it's still important to use skin clearing products because they help prevent any future skin problems from arising. 

Tea Tree Clearing Facial Wash

I've never particularly loved the smell of tea tree oil and I was a bit skeptical about buying this line because I knew they would smell the exact same, but I decided to give them a try since they were such a great bargain. The facial wash is meant to reduce excess oil that could be clogging pores and causing breakouts, but doing so in a gentle way. It has a gooey gel like consistency that foams very slightly when mixed with water. My skin felt a lot more cleaner after the first wash and I could instantly see a slight reduction of oil on my face. However, the tea tree smell does linger on your face a bit and in my opinion it's not the best of smells so I usually take some extra time rinsing to try and get rid of the smell. I also found that it's great at removing any dry flakey skin around my nose area and T-zone, so I'm quite happy about that.


Tea Tree Clearing Toner
I'm not sure whether this product is meant to do this but each time I use it, my face stings for about five minutes. Not an unbearable pain but very uncomfortable, I've tried using a soothing lotion immediately after this but it still stings. I have sensitive skin so I feel like that could be the reason behind this, however, if you've experienced the same thing let me know in the comments below. That aside, this toner is great for clearing up acne problems. I had a few problem spots on my cheek and it managed to clear that up within three days. It's also amazing at removing any leftover makeup like mascara and eyeliner. It has the least tea tree smell out of the three which I love, but since my skin has such an intense reaction to it I'll only be using this when I really need to.


                                                                                                                        Tea Tree Clearing Lotion

Iuse this before I go to sleep. Out of all three it has the strongest tea tree smell,  however I do find that despite the smell it works amazingly. It doesn't leave an oily residue on my face, instead it actually mattifies without drying my skin and leaves behind a minty fresh feeling after each use. To be honest it gives an effect that I'm wearing powdered foundation, even though I'm not, I love it. I find that it works great as a night cream because I wake up with glowy (but not oily) clear skin, & sometimes I can get away without wearing any foundation because my skin is looking that great!


Have you tried anything from The Body Shop? Let me know in the comments below!
Lots of love,