NYX Cosmetics Haul


I'm excited to say that a NYX Cosmetics store has now opened at my local mall. I was able to find some time to take a peek early Tuesday morning and I walked out of there with six gorgeous products:

Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo

I fell in love with NYX when I discovered the matte lip cream range. I find that I get a much more perfect line when I wear these, plus they don't require a lip liner. I decided on getting a bubble gum pink colour called Tokyo since I've been hunting for the perfect pinky-nude as I seem to always love nudes, especially during the winter months. It's a great change from the extremely dark lip trend that is going around again this year. It smells like a sweet treat which makes it tempting to lick off throughout the day (guilty!). It applies a thin layer so I have to put on about two to three layers when I want to wear this shade but it has great lasting power throughout the day, despite me constantly licking my lips at times. 

Intense Butter Gloss in Apple Crisp

I don't tend to wear lipglosses much because I hate how sticky they can be but I've recently enjoyed wearing them during the colder days as they're very moisturizing on my lips unlike most matte lipsticks I own which dry out my lips. I love wearing the colour red on my lips, so I decided to try out this butter gloss in Apple Crisp which is a really rich snow white red. Although it is a gloss, I found that it was a bit firm when applying which allowed me to have a more controlled grip and create a perfect lip. I didn't find the butter gloss to be sticky at all, instead it just felt very moisturizing like a balm. I think I'm gonna have a lot of fun wearing this colour!  

Translucent Mega Shine Lip Gloss

I picked up this translucent/clear lip gloss as well because ever since I've gotten back into the glosses as I mentioned previously, I wanted to save some money. Instead of hunting for the colours that I already own in gloss form, I figured I might as well just apply my matte lipsticks and then coat my lips with this gloss to turn it into a moisturizing gloss. I can't wait to create a ton of holiday looks with this product for you guys, plus it smells so sweet!

Eyeshadow Base in ESB03 Skin Tone

I recently ran out of my UD potion primer and I needed a quick replacement so I decided to try out this eyeshadow base in the shade "skintone". It's has a creamy texture that applies and holds well. My eyeshadow lasts almost the entire day when I wear this (despite me rubbing my eyes at times), and it's scentless as well. If you're looking for a product to prolong the lasting power of your eyeshadow or for a way to intensify your eyeshadow colours, you should give this a try.

Mineral Matte Finishing Powder in Light/Medium

I've been looking for a setting powder for my concealer and when I saw this one, the last one in the store at the time, I decided I would snatch it up. It's a loose powder that applies beautifully, with a damp blending sponge especially. I got the shade light/medium, but I'm not sure if it's too light so I've been thinking of trying the medium/dark powder soon and comparing the two. It does an amazing job of giving me added coverage while reducing shine and helping my concealer and foundation stay flawless longer. 

High Definition Blush in Crimson

I've been looking for a festive red for the holiday seasons so when I saw crimson, the only red there, I knew I  had to give it a try. I love how it looks on me, however, it's extremely pigmented and no matter how lightly i pat my brush it still gives me red jolly cheeks until i blend it out. Once blend it, it's a very beautiful rosy red that gives me a flushed look. The intense pigmentation allows for this blush to be used as an eyeshadow as well if you'd like. 

I love NYX Cosmetics, and now that they've opened up a store at my local mall I'll be doing plenty more hauls in the near future. What's your favourite NYX product? Let me know in the comments section below! 

Lots of love,