ColourPop Haul + Swatches

I discovered ColourPop Cosmetics a few months ago and I've been dying to try their products!
I've heard such great things about this brand, especially about how pigmented their products are, so me being the lipstick addict that I am, I decided to purchase five lippie stix and a lip primer. I also wanted to give their eyeshadows a try so I ordered the shade Hustle. My order didn't take long from the time of delivery, I would say about a weeks time with standard shipping. Although the packaging was a bit roughed up from the delivery, the items inside were in perfect condition and ready for swatching.

I've been leaning towards the more natural and neutral colours this season so I decided to go with: Lumiere, Grunge, Lady, Creature, and Nevermind. They each dry matte, since that's my go-to formula, and even without the addition of the lip primer they have great lasting power throughout the day.

Lumiere - Straight from the gorgeous collab with ColourPop and Kathleen Lights, Lumiere is a mauve-y pink shade that gives a "my-lips-but-better-look" to your lips. It looks gorgeous on each skin tone and to me it works as a neutral colour that I can wear with bold AND natural makeup. It's the perfect go-to colour.

Grunge - Grunge is a cool-toned plum brown that I've been wearing almost every day because it's the perfect dark shade for these winter months. It's not too dark - but definitely does not fall under the nude category. I always receive so many compliments when I wear this shade, so I'm definitely thinking of repurchasing this once I run out. It's the perfect shade to work that brown-lip trend that's going around.

Lady - Described as a cool-toned burgundy, but more of a rusty red on me. It's a gorgeous red/burgundy shade that isn't too dark but definitely dark enough to add that touch of sophistication. Slightly similar in colour to Creature except that it's a few shades lighter.

Creature - I'll be straight up with you - this shade makes me feel like a Boss Lady. It's a very dark burgundy-red shade that I love wearing when I have my grey contacts in because it makes my eyes pop. Creature is a beautiful colour, however it's not a shade I'd wear often because it's quite dark and can give off a gothic sort of look if layered on too much.

Nevermind - I'm not sure where my recent obsession with dark plum and black lipsticks has come from but I finally caved in and purchased this darkened violet shade that I think looks gorgeous on darker skin tones. There are times when this shade can give off a bit of a grunge-y look but I don't entirely mind it because I find that this shade suits me nicely despite that.

Primer - The primer applies like a regular lip balm, and it's very moisturizing. I find that it does a great job of pulling and intensifying the colours of the lippie stix and it does help with the longevity as I find that the lippie stix tend to fade once I eat or drink if I'm not wearing the primer. It also helps to keep my lips from getting dry and cracked ones the lippies dry matte. 

Hustle - Because it's the winter months now, I'm in love with dark eyeshadow looks so I picked up this burgundy-violet shade that has a light amount of sparkle to help the colour stand out when on. The shadow has a creamy-like texture that grabs onto the brush bristles easily. It applies intensely and it blends very well, with the option of layering to intensify the colour even more. The colour has great lasting power when I pair it with my NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base in Skin Tone.

I've included swatches below: -

Swatch Picture taken from my Instagram : @tanishajadehall

That is it for my Colour Pop Cosmetics Haul Post, let me know what you thought in the comments section below, and if you've tried Colour Pop before let me know what product you tried and how you liked it too! For more on ColourPop, visit their website here!

Lots of love,