A Soft Skin Secret


For as long as I can remember, I've been told I have very soft skin. Maybe it's a genetic thing because I never had to do anything in particular to achieve soft skin up until last Winter which was so bad that it dried my skin horribly. My skin was flaking and a mess when it came to applying makeup, not to mention it only got worse as the days went on. I was given this deep cleansing mask made by the brand L'Orient to try out to see if it could help my face return back to it's normal state. 


This cleansing mask is made out of Black Soap - which is made from the ashes of plantain, cocoa pod, palm leaves, and palm oil that is made from the leaves of kernels. 

Black Soap Benefits

Black soap has so many skin nourishing benefits which is mostly due to its abundance of antioxidants. It's an amazing deep cleanser because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties, it's great at soothing any skin irritations and inflammations and also helps to heal problem skin, it improves skin tone by firming and toning the skin's texture for glowing skin and protection from premature aging, and also fades discoloration. 

When I first tried this I was surprised by the instant results because it's hard to find a product that starts to work right away and shows it. After my first time using this, my skin was a lot softer and it was shining (in a good way) from being so moisturized compared to how matte and unhealthy it looks just a few minutes before. My skin also felt so much more cleaner when I washed it off, leaving behind a soothing sensation. 


Observational/Testing notes

It's consistency reminds of a hair gel, and it's brown in colour, so you won't look that attractive when you have this on, but the results are worth it. It has a very natural woody smell to it that I happen to really love and it applies really easily when used with the scooping tool it comes with (not pictured) as the tool can be used to smoothen and even out the layers of the mask.

The way I used this was by applying an even thin layer of it to my face and leaving it on for ten minutes (though since it's made out of natural ingredients I'm sure nothing would really happen if you left it on longer). Then instead of washing it off like I would a normal mask, I started to rub it into my face using a bit of water on my hands so that it would turn into a lather and then almost like a facial cleanser I would work it into my face all over and then wash it off.

It left me feeling refreshed and my face extremely clean and glowing. After using this for about a month my skin has for the most part returned back to normal, just the skin in between my brows tend to get dry ever so often, but I'm working on that! I've tried black soap before but in it's solid consistency and I have to say that I like this consistency more because it's so much easier to apply. 

final words

Black soap did wonders by returning my face to normal. Though I don't use this all the time, it makes for a great deep cleansing mask on days/nights where you feel like giving yourself an extra pamper. Certain Black Soaps may contain other ingredients than those listed above, a popular one being shea butter, so it is up to you to do the ingredient research right before buying to ensure you don't harm your face further by using something that isn't 100% Black Soap.

If you're dealing with problem skin or even if you just want to switch to a natural product, I highly recommend trying out black soap and seeing how it works for you, it's inexpensive and a product that has yet to let me down.

Have you tried Black Soap before? I would love to know your experience with it in the comments below.

Lots of love,


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