BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in OPAL

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I fell in love when my eyes landed on the shimmery golden-champagne toned highlighter. It has a reflective frosty finish when applied and looks absolutely gorgeous when the light hits it. Because of it being such an intensely pigmented highlight, I recommend using a light hand when applying layers. I love to buff it in to create a natural luminous glow to the skin. If you feel like you haven't used enough product on your first layer you can always layer on more to your liking. It leaves behind a soft pigmented highlight that is sure to make your face radiate.

I have been wanting to try Becca Cosmetics for quite some time now, so when I stopped by a local Sephora, I went on the hunt for Champagne Pop only to find out that it was sold out at the time. So me being me, I didn't want to leave empty handed so I searched around and found Opal which is also another Becca Best-seller. When I got home after making the purchase I opened up the box and took out Opal. It felt like I was holding something so fragile! The casing is grey and silver, which I find so refreshing. and feels like it is made of high quality materials. It opens and closes on a click and has a thin round mirror that looks so sleek positioned off-centre.



I was quite surprised when I tried out Opal for the first time because it nearly lasted for ten hours! It's rare to find a product that has such great lasting power - especially since I didn't use a face primer or setting spray to help the lasting power so I'm really happy with this product. If you're the type to constantly touch your face throughout the day then that may cause the product to fade faster but it won't do so in a patchy way that almost leaves you face looking dirty; Instead it will slowly fade into a translucent shimmer that still blends very nicely, though it won't be as noticeable. Opal has really won me over and I'm excited to try other Becca products to see if they're just as good as Opal.

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This product is gorgeous and creates a luminous glow but because of the intense shimmer I will probably only be wearing this for special occasions rather than a daily basis because it's just a bit too much for an everyday look on me.

It's extremely pigmented so be sure to feather it on and blend slightly for an even look. Because of the prismatic effect that Opal has, it can be seen from any angle giving you a flawless glow that is sure to be noticed.

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Opal is a well crafted product with a gorgeous and sleek design that sets it apart from other brands. It has the most amazing pigmentation that can be seen just about anywhere in the room, with great lasting power.

Water-light and sheer, it absorbs, reflects and refracts creating a prismatic effect that allows it to adjust in any light so your refined glow is never lost. - BECCA Cosmetics

If you're looking for an intense shimmer and flawless look than Opal is perfect for you. It's more of a warmer champagne colour as opposed to Champagne Pop which has more of a pink undertone and more intensity. I'm happy with my Opal and will definitely be using it on those special occasions but I think I'd prefer a more matte type of highlighter with minimal to no sparkles/shimmer.

This is currently my favourite highlighter to date and although I'm still looking forward to trying Champagne Pop one day, I'm more than satisfied with Opal. What is your current highlighter go-to?

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