Liquid Eyeliner VS. Gel Eyeliner


I often switch between gel eyeliner and liquid eyeliner because both have different qualities that I love about them. Gel eyeliner, for example, is great for smokey looks because it can smudge/blend easily and still look good but liquid eyeliner has more precision for a finer line. Today I'll be comparing Maybelline's Gel Eyeliner to their Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner and letting you know the pros and cons.



This is by far one of the best liquid eye liners I have tried to date. Theres no need to shake this one as it doesn't ever seem to run out of product when I'm lining my lids. The colour is black and shows up nicely pigmented. The applicator tip is so pointy  and firm which is great because it allows me to line my lids evenly with a nice point at the end of my wing. 


I find that liquid eyeliner in general is a lot easier to apply than the other eyeliners unless it has an actual brush tip (like paint brush tip) which can be a little tricky but the fast drying and sometimes water proof perks that come with liquid eyeliner are sooo worth making the switch from gel eyeliner, especially since your line will be so much more precise and perfect - but that's just my opinion.

Maybelline Gel eyeliner

When I first started to really get into makeup back in high school, I remember loving the maybelline gel eyeliner so I decided to purchase it for this post. Applying gel eyeliner is something of an art, it doesn't come as easy as liquid or pencil. It takes a steady hand and a bit of practice to get that perfect line. It really is beautiful once you get it right! Though with gel eyeliner comes smudging, even if it claims to be waterproof. It doesn't have a long lasting ability and quite often I find it hard to get an actual point on my winged line. Maybe it's the brush that comes with it, although it's soft yet firm, it may just be too big for me to use to get that perfectly lined wing. 


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Which do you prefer more, gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner? Let me know in the comments section below! 

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