I love when brands collaborate with Bloggers and YouTubers to create beauty products, it's a great way to discover new creatives and show support. I recently discovered the brand BECCA which just collaborated with YouTube star and Makeup Artist, Jaclyn Hill, to create a limited-edition shade of their best-selling Shimmering Skin Perfectors - named Champagne Pop. 



Champagne Pop comes packaged in a gorgeous golden box that has a champagne bubble design going on along with Jaclyn Hill's signature. The packaging differs from the rest of the Shimmering Skin Perfector's by Becca Cosmetics because it's a limited edition shade. At he back of the box is an image of the mastermind behind Champagne Pop, Miss Jaclyn Hill herself, along with her take on Champagne Pop which made me that much more excited to try it. Once taken out of the box, it looks like just any Shimmering Skin Perfector in the range by Becca but it's once you open it that you realize you're holding something special.


Though I only have Opal from the Shimmering Skin Perfector range to compare it to (which you can read about here), I definitely have to say that Champagne Pop is one of the prettiest highlighters by Becca I have ever seen. 
At first glance, Champagne pop looks like a whole lot of shimmer, with white gold and peachy pink undertones, but in reality it's not that shimmery when compared to Opal. I was worried that Champagne Pop wouldn't suit my skin tone as much since I've read so many reviews mostly from people with pale skin who love it but it actually suits my skin tone better than Opal, leaving a soft pearlized glow that looks almost natural.


I think the Shimmering Skin Perfector's by Becca Cosmetics each have a generally long lasting power as both Opal and Champagne pop lasted around the ten hour mark. Though because Champagne pop isn't as shimmery as Opal it was a lot less noticeable when fading began because it kind of was there one second and then it was gone the next so I really didn't have to worry about and patches of missing makeup showing up on my face.

final notes

I'm so happy I got my hands on Champagne Pop before they were all gone, though I wish I got two because it's such a subtle highlight, I almost want to wear it every day. If you've tried Opal and want something more flesh-toned than Champagne Pop is your shade. Since it is a limited edition shade you'll most likely need to order it online if it's in stock. For more information on Jaclyn Hill and Champagne Pop you can visit here


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