Current Skin Care Routine

Daily Skin Care

I think having a skincare routine is so important for keeping your skin looking youthful and rejuvenated. I don't stick to a set routine all the time as I'm constantly testing out new products to review here on the blog, but these are the products that I'm currently using in my routine which have worked wonders for me. I didn't include my moisturizer because I've written up a separate post on it which you can find here.
Enjoy! x


I purchased this while visiting Poland because I'd managed to forget my makeup remover and cleanser back home. I was a bit sceptical purchasing this because I've never seen it in Canadian stores so after purchasing this I googled the ingredients (since they were written in Polish) and found out that it contains zero mineral oil which I absolutely love in skincare products since that means they don't leave an oily residue. Upon using this I noticed that it's lightweight with a very fresh scent to it (sweet grapes), and it removes tough makeup easily - though it did struggle with mascara a bit. I would definitely repurchase this if it was brought to Canadian stores.


I've used this product for years, in fact my mother and brother both use this product too and although it really isn't something I use on a daily basis anymore, it still gives me great results. This scrub has large granules and contains walnut shells which gives a strong exfoliation that some may consider too harsh. If you have sensitive or dry skin like me, I would suggest using this about one or two times a week, if you have oily or acne prone skin then I'd suggest using this on a regular basis as it does a great job of calming acne and oil.


I bought this a while ago and never really had a chance to use it until my regular makeup remover ran out. Seeing as it's my first micellar solution I can't quite compare it to another though I've heard it's on the same level as Bioderma's Micellar Solution, but much more affordable at $7.00 on sale, which is great because after two weeks of using this I'm close to an empty bottle so it really helps that it's much more affordable, especially on my student budget. It feels like water and takes off tough makeup, though mascara will need a bit more swipes. It leaves a slightly sticky residue which I don't particularly like but once it's dried up my skin feels clean and soft, and the best part is it's fragrance-free.

L'OREAL IDEAL Balance Clarifying TONER

This is actually a recent one to enter my skincare routine since I've just started to get into toners but it's one of my favourites to use. I usually use this after the Micellar Solution to get any missed makeup around my eyes or face but it's been doing an amazing job at evening out my combination skin. I specifically noticed a difference in my T-zone, which was extremely dry compared to the rest of my face, and is now almost back to normal. It's said to minimize the appearance of pores but I didn't really notice much of a difference in my pore size. It's not harsh at all and leaves skin feeling soft and smelling fresh.

What products do you use in your daily skincare routine?
Lots of love,