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It's been a while since I've last posted. If you follow me on Twitter (@tanishajadehall) then you know I've been going through some personal matters which I will be sharing with you in the next post. In today's post I thought I'd review the Desio Lenses in Icy Blue. 

I've been wearing the Desio Desert Dream and Creamy Beige lenses for the last few months but I've really wanted to switch it up and go for blue eyes. I did a lot of research on this particular shade because I wanted to make sure it would look natural on me, which it does! 

The lenses comes in the original rosey coloured Desio Lens packaging, which also comes with a pamphlet of all the various lens colours. Each pair of lenses come with their own lens case to store them in (I have about six of these now) which is really convenient as it saves me from having to go to the store to get myself a case. 

Here are a few pictures to show you how the lenses look like in direct sunlight, though they don't look much different from these pictures when in regular indoor lighting; their just not as bright or instantly noticeable. These lenses look so natural when I have them on and I've even had a few people ask me if their my real eye colour.

The lenses are quite pricey, considering they only have a lifespan of about three months, however I truly believe that the saying "you get what you pay for" goes hand in hand with these lenses. I can completely understand how they are considered luxury lenses as they look so natural and, unlike other lenses, they are soft and barely noticeable when on. 

They are a lot thinner from the standard contact lens, allowing for oxygen and moisture to reach the eyes more easily. This not only makes it easier and more comfortable to wear these lenses for a longer period of time, but it's also a lot healthier for your eyes. They also come in prescription, which I need because I'm as blind as a bat.

For more information on Desio Lens you can visit their website here.
What do you think of the Icy Blue Desio Lenses? & if you wear lenses, what is your desired brand?
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