Hi Beauties!
Since my move to Brampton was such a last minute thing, I never really got to arrange my room in a way that I liked, so, over the last month I've been working through different room designs until I finally created this one which I absolutely love.

I already own the Ikea Alex Drawers and Table tops because I made my own L shaped custom desk a while back, and I already own one mirror (the longer one closest to the window), but besides that everything will be completely new.

My room colours revolve around white, black, and dark brown, as they are very clean and fresh and help to make a room look a lot bigger. I've also set up my room in a way that makes it way easier to film for my YouTube(hence the random chair in the corner), and shoot for my Instagram and blog OOTD's, my own blog work space, and a general chill-out area (being the bed and television area), it's perfect.

Below are a list of items I'm looking to purchase from Ikea for my room re-decoration, I will include links to each item below the image.

1 . SVELVIK Bed Frame - Ever since I can remember, I've always wanted a bed like this. I love the black steel bars and I think it'll look gorgeous with my fluffy white sheets. The bottom of the bed is actually quite high up from the ground which is exactly what I was looking for as I plan to put storage drawers on wheels under the bed for added clothing storage.

2. TRYSIL Nightstand - I love the look of this nightstand, I think it would go great beside my new bed. The large drawer is great for storage and the bottom shelf would be perfect to hold my record player (as it's currently dusting away on the ground.

3. VILSHULT London Bus Picture - I am and always have been in love with the idea of moving to London, England. However, due to my university and not to mention I probably wouldn't be able to afford moving there at this time in my life, I can't go. So, instead I like to look at images of the beautiful city, and this picture is just gorgeous. 

4. SÅNGEN Table Lamp - I've been loving the nude/beige trend lately and I've been looking for a table lamp to place on my nightstand, so when I came across this one I fell in love. It creates a cozy atmosphere which is exactly what I'm trying to go for.

5. PORTIS Shoe Rack - I admit, I've been struck by the shoe cupid and have an unhealthy shoe obsession, leaving me with little to no space to keep them in so I decided I need to pick up a two "shelf" shoe rack that I can place at the end of my bed. I thought the design went well with my bed too!

6. FEJKA Artificial Potted Bamboo Plant - I've been looking to add more green to my room. I'm planning on going on a succulent spree, however I figured I could use a few artificial plants. Thank god Ikea's got my back.

7. PORTIS Clothes Rack - Some of my clothes need to be hung so I decided on getting an open concept clothing rack. It also includes a bottom shelf perfect for holding more of my shoes. It also has four side hooks perfect for holding my bags/purses.

8. MALM 6-Drawer Dresser - When I saw this featured on the website my heart jumped. It's gorgeous. I think this is where I could keep the majority of my clothing, and It's also large enough to hold my television and cable boxes/gaming systems on top.

9. VARDÖ Underbed Storage Box - I first saw this box and didn't know what it was, but after some more research I was clearly impressed with the creation and now want to try it out for myself. I have quite a lot of clothing so it's a great idea to try a few of these out to store my out-of-season clothing.

10. NILS Chair with Armrests - This chair sounds comfortable and wide enough to use for my YouTube filming. It wouldn't get in the way with the low back rest and it's so wide, allowing me to sit in any position I find to be comfortable. It also compliments my room, following the colour scheme.

11. EGERSTA Marilyn Monroe Picture - This painting would look great in the background of my YouTube videos, but it's also a great compliment to my room as I personally find Marilyn Monroe to be one of the most beautiful women of her time. We share that red lipstick love.

12. HOVET Mirror - I've been searching and searching for a large mirror to use for my OOTD pictures for Instagram and the blog. I came across this one and fell in love with the simple design. I think it'd be perfect to lean in a corner with a fur rug placed in front of it and the clothing rack beside it.

13. MUSIK Wall Lamp - I want to purchase two of these and place them vertically on either side of my Vanity mirror by my makeup desk. I think this would look amazing and its a great way to create more light when doing early morning makeup!

14. KOLJA Mirror - I've been looking for the perfect vanity mirror that is simple yet big enough for me to see myself in when doing my makeup. This one is affordable and perfect and the perfect size!

What do you think of my Ikea wish list, any bits you'd like for yourself? Let me know in the comments section below!

Lots of love,