Jacket - Fashion Nova / Shirt - H&M / Pants - Fashion Nova / Heels - Fashion Nova / Bag - Topshop

I'm back from an extremely long blogging break with a new style post. The weather in Brampton has been a bit iffy, one day it's hot and the other it's pouring rain with winter winds; some days you get both in one day - Today was one of those days. Before leaving my house, it was extremely windy and cold, so I decided to go for an all black outfit so I could attract the heat. However, halfway through the day the sun came out and I felt like I was melting. Thankfully, I got a few shots of my outfit before I sped home to change into something lighter.
I have been itching to put up a new post for weeks but I had to get a few things in place first. One, that I'm extremely happy to announce is Tanisha Jade Hall officially has a new photographer! He's the one behind these lovely pictures so be sure to find him on Instagram @SamuelCaptures !

Thoughts on today's outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,