Dress - Forever 21 / Sleeveless Cardigan - H&M (sold out) / Flats - Giant Tiger (similar)

Hi guys, as some of you know if you follow me on SnapChat (@tanishahall) I am in the beautiful city of Montreal! It was a last minute trip and I'm so happy I decided on Montreal. I haven't explored my own Country, yet I've traveled to many places in Europe and South America, so I decided it was time to leave my comfort zone and explore Canada. I'll have a photo diary up for you all very soon, but for now I thought you'd enjoy a personal style post.
I bought this gorgeous dress at Forever 21 for around $30.00 CAD, the cardigan at H&M for $20.00, and the lace up flats for $6.00 at Giant Tiger. Its a very light spring/summer outfit and it fit the 26 degree weather today. I also decided to ditch my straightener again because my hair gets uncontrollably frizzy in the hot weather, not to mention my curls are slowly growing on me.

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Lots of love,