After years of straightening and bleaching my curls, I decided to finally embrace them along with my natural hair color. But, seeing as I started straightening my hair back in fourth grade elementary and I'm now in third year university, knowing how to care for my natural hair has been extremely challenging - after all, I have no experience with it at all. I'm surprised that even after 10 years of straightening my curls they still curl!  However, I've run into a few dilemmas during my transition, none of which I've managed to overcome, and so I'm hoping someone out there may have a solution for me, aside from chopping off my hair.


  • Since transitioning to my curls, it seems that my hair isn't as silky smooth anymore, in fact, it's extremely dry - especially the top half which is half curly and half straight.  For the most part, I've managed to hide it by wearing the top half in a bun and the bottom half loose but I'm beginning to grow tired of wearing this hairstyle every day. I've tried conditioning hair masks, I've tried leave-in-conditioners, but none seem to work. I'm at a loss, and I honestly don't know what to do!
  • Speaking of getting tired of hairstyles, because the condition of my hair isn't the best, I'm limited to the styles that I can pull off. I would LOVE to wear all of my hair down since I hate tying it up but unfortunately I can't convince myself to leave the house once it begins to dry into a semi-afro.
  • My hair is also becoming extremely tangled and knotted! I know with hair in general, combing it out while it's wet is not a good idea as that's when your hair is at it's weakest point. Unfortunately, if I don't comb it out when it's still wet it'll just become extremely knotted and unmanageable. I've also noticed that my hair has begun wrapping itself around the elastics, making it extremely painful when I try to undo the half-do at the end of the day.
  • Frizzy-ness has been a horrific challenge. I chose to transition at the start of the summer months (sigh), meaning I had to deal with my hair turning into a huge Afro the minute I step foot outdoors thanks to humidity. I've used anti-frizz sprays and creams which only seem to work on the bottom half of my hair (the more healthier part), but the top half just isn't having it - it does what it wants.
  • My hair also doesn't survive the night. I wake up looking like one of those Troll dolls. It's really quite annoying because I have to wash it every day, but me being me - I have my lazy days.

So as you can see, I'm faced with a ton of obstacles that prevent me from having the lustrous bouncy curls that I once had and often dream of. Ive spent a lot of money on products that are intended to help my hair, and I've even taken it a step further and bought a heating cap for my hair masks and silk pillow cases to help tame the troll hair, but neither work. Maybe I'm just not researching good enough, maybe I'm using the wrong products...I have no idea. Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed, and quick.

At the moment I've been using Shea Moisture products. To be more specific, I've used:

  • Reconstructing Finishing Elixir
  • 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Extra Moisture Transitioning Milk
  • Anti-Breakage Frizz-Free Shine Mist
  • Strengthen, Grow &  Restore Treatment Masque

I've heard great things about Shea Moisture, which is why I stuck with the brand, but I'm starting to wonder if maybe it's the products that are doing me wrong. Of course, then I remind myself that the bottom half of my hair loves these products, so that can't be right. But maybe the top half and bottom half of my hair have two different needs? It's been so frustrating and so difficult trying to understand my hair, I just don't get it! At times I consider going back to straight hair, but the thought of sitting down with a flat iron for nearly two hours doesn't seem so appealing anymore. The thought of chopping off my hair doesn't sound so appealing either, because lets face it, short hair just isn't for everybody.  

At this point, I just feel stuck.
Stuck with half a head of great hair and half a head of"what the eff is that?" hair. Stuck with the same old half up-do everyday. Stuck with difficult to manage curls. Stuck with my appearance.
It really feels a bit tragic. I love changing my appearance regularly, but it just seems so impossible with all of these hair care struggles. I wish I could just snap my fingers and BAM - lustrous bouncy curls. So, my lovely readers, do you have any pointers/tips/advice for my curly hair struggles? Can you help me get my beautiful curls back? Please comment below with any tips you may have, who knows it might just take one simple change in my hair care routine to make everything right! I hope you can help me out.

Lots of love,

T  x