I've been sooooo excited for Becca to release this LE (limited edition) highlighter, and when it was announced that it was up for grabs exclusively in Sephora I jumped on my laptop and made my purchase ! I still feel like I'm quite new to the Becca bandwagon but clearly my obsession with their highlighters is getting more and more adamant. I now own three - Opal, Champagne Pop, and (officially) Rose Quartz. Anyways, lets get on with it shall we!


The packaging was the first thing I noticed about this LE highlighter! Unlike the other Becca highlighters, Rose Quartz has it's own colour theme - a rose-gold hue. Even though Champagne Pop had it's own box shade, being a champagne gold, the product packaging was still silver and grey like the regular Becca highlighters - whereas Rose Quartz keeps the rose-gold throughout the whole packaging!
It's such a gorgeous girly colour and it definitely stands out among my other Becca Highlighters. I think the silver and rose-gold shades compliment each other beautifully giving this highlighter a very high-end luxe look.I also find that the Becca highlighters packaging is super sturdy. There's been multiple occasions where I've dropped my highlighter, and feared for my life as I opened it expecting it to be shattered only to find it looks just the same!
This highlighter has a one of a kind design on the product itself! Most Becca highlighters are flat and shimmery, whereas this highlighter has symmetrical designs etched into the product, allowing the highlight to show more prominently as the light hits off of it in different angles.
The HUGE compact mirror that comes with this highlighter is my absolute fave! I use it when I need to apply makeup on the go, and even when I'm applying my regular eyeliner. It's the perfect mirror for makeup application! I don't know how Becca does it.


This highlighter is priced at $46.00 CAD, which to some may seem pricey. I'm used to makeup costing quite a bit which is probably not a good thing as I don't really hesitate to purchase anymore. However, the longer I think about it the more I feel like it's a bit too pricey for the colour payoff. I think it's current price is the most I'd pay for it.
Although it does have a very luxe exterior,  I would sacrifice that for a better formulation so that the colour actually comes off a pale/nude pink instead of white. I definitely think those with lighter skin tones will have better luck with this product than those with darker skin.


Surprisingly, I'm still a little iffy about this particular shade of highlight. I was expecting it to give me a Rosey blush type of highlight but I find that it comes off a bit white on my skin tone. It's definitely super pigmented, but unfortunately I just don't see the ROSE. There's a high possibility that I might just be packing on way too much (because I do love to glow), but I don't think it should be coming off white on me regardless.
It's a lot more creamier than the other Becca Highlighters which might be the reason behind the colour payoff; the formula is 100% different from the others so it does require the extra blending motions, but if I'm very careful with the amount I apply (being rather small and almost translucent) then it does come off beautifully with a natural glow.


I always find that my highlighter fades before the end of the day, usually six hours tops, but the one thing I admire about Becca products is that they fade gracefully without leaving behind patchy spots. If I want a longer hold I'll prime my face and finish off with a finishing spray.

Are you planning on picking up this highlighter? If not what's your current go-to highlight?

Tanisha x