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I've been wanting to review this palette and brush for months now, but I couldn't figure out how to do it on my channel in a creative way - so I figured I'd just be creative with it in a blog post.


Firstly, lets talk about the brush. I'm pretty boring when it comes to my brush selections, I only own Morphe Brushes, BUT after trying out this brush I'm definitely excited to give Tarte brushes a try.  The brush is double ended - one side a tapered lip brush, the other side an angled cheek brush. The bristles on both ends are extremely soft and dense making this the perfect brush for creamy formulas such as the Creamy Lip and Cheek Palette.  The tapered lip brush end is so precise, it can be used to line lips with the creamy colors as well as apply the colors. The angled cheek brush is the perfect size for the palette, made to fit perfectly in the palettes pans and blend out the colors so beautifully on your cheekbones. You can find this brush on the Sephora website as it is a Sephora exclusive limited edition brush and it is cruelty free!


Okay, time to talk about the palette! I am so in love with this palette, it's crazy - I never thought of using my lipsticks as blush until now!
Firstly, the packaging -- This palette is HUGE! It's definitely unique as I haven't found another palette with the same round shape and the same large size of this one. I think the variations of pink and gold on the outer packaging is so beautiful and definitely eye catching. The size of the palette also allowed for a large round mirror to be included (everyone knows that is my favorite thing about palettes), which comes in handy when applying these shades to your cheeks or lips on the go.



Smooch, Peck, Butterflies, Saucy, Tickled, and Cloud 9

The palette includes six neutral shades that can be used on all skin tones to create a radiant natural-looking effect on cheeks and lips. They range from warm tones to cool tones and one of them even works as a highlighter for a strobing effect. I found Smooch and Butterflies to be two different tones of pink, almost barbie pink. Whereas Peck and Tickled were more nudey/peach shades. Saucy is definitely the bold color of the group - being a gorgeous red/burgundy shade (one of my favorite lipstick shades), and Cloud 9 works best as a highlight for the cupids bow and the rest of your face.


From the bottom up: -                                                             And on the side: -
Smooch, Peck, Butterflies, Saucy, Tickled                          Cloud 9

Each shade is extremely hydrating with a creamy balm formula, making them very easy to blend out during application. However, it also has a fade-free formula that kicks in once the shades begin to dry on your lips or cheeks. The creamy colors melt into your skin and fade the look of pores and fine lines creating a smooth and healthy effect on lips and cheeks. The shades are all made with Vitamin C and E that work together to nourish and protect. The pigmentation of each shade is amazing and formula allows for these shades to be used to line the lips as well.



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