Hi my loves!

I'm back with another skincare post for you all! A few months ago I was gifted this gorgeous skincare set by my dear friend Susana (check out her socials HERE) to try out as she herself fell in love with this brands products. Now as many of you know, my skin is fairly good (thanks to my genetics) however I do have off days where I get the odd pimple here and there or when my skin gets SUPER dry and flaky in cold and dry weather. SO, I am pretty careful as to what I put on my face as I try not to mess with the 'feng shui' of my skin, but I didn't really have any problems with these products at all! The brand is called ATOMY, it is a Korean brand established in 2009. It's expanded into the U.S.,  Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. ! The brand provides quality products at a great price - now, I didn't pay for this set but a quick search on Amazon shows it selling for $75.00 which is about $18 per 150ml bottle - that's a bargain!

Anyways, lets jump into the review!!


The bottles/tubes are each 150ml, which is plenty of product to last you as you won't be using every bottle every night. I love that they are 'squeeze bottle/tubes' as it;s so much easier to distribute the products. They come beautifully packaged in this lovely box with an insert for each bottle/tube to fit snug into.



Although these products are intended to be used in the evening, I find myself using this foam cleanser in the mornings. Something about it being foaming is just so refreshing on my skin first thing in the morning. I find that it does an excellent job at ridding my pores from any dirt that I may have picked up from my pillows (pillow cases need to be washed on the regular ya'll) or even dirt particles floating in the air that latch themselves onto my skin. Use water when applying this cleanser and be sure to rinse with warm water to prevent any dry or tightening feeling.



Peel-off masks and I have a love/hate relationship. On one hand I love them because they're less messy to remove compared to wash off masks, but on the other hand I find peeling them off can be more time consuming and at times painful. Fortunately, I LOVED this mask! It dries quick and is fairly easy to remove with zero pain. I don't use this mask as often as I use the other three products to be completely honest with you. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but I just get very lazy when it comes to masks; I really only use them when I feel like my skin needs some extra TLC.  This peel off mask is made with amethyst powder to gently cleanse and clear pores, and jade powder to refine the skins surface. It's also made with Centella extract which promotes skin elasticity and firmness (which is something I've started to become more conscious of as my skin is beginning to change).  It's definitely a great mask if you're looking to help clear up your skin and add more radiance.


The package includes this informative pamphlet in various different languages giving some information about each product and what they do and how to use them properly.


I absolutely love this deep cleanser! I like to remove my makeup first before I use this as I find this cleaner does a fantastic job at getting those extra bits of makeup and dirt that my makeup remover leaves behind. I like to use this cleanser every night. Although it is a deep cleanser I don't find that it dries or strips my face, probably because it's made with Ginseng extract along with Ginkgo extract to re-add hydration and firmness to the skin. This cleanser is also made with Green tea extract to help the appearance of skin look clean and clear, along with carrot extract to retain the skins elasticity and nutrition which leaves your skin absolutely glowing and baby soft. It is a lotion consistency that somewhat lathers when mixed with a tidbit of water which really helps to get deep into your pores for that deep cleansing effect.



The peeling gel has been my holy grail through these dry and cold weather we've been having here in Canada. If you're a frequent reader then you know I tend to struggle with dry flaky skin during the winter months; the peeling gel clears all of that up for me. Just apply it to a clean face and let it sit for about three minutes before massaging in a circular motion (this motion helps to collect any dead skin hangin' around on your face). Rinse with water and watch as all the dead skin wash away with it. This may sound harsh for your skin, believe me I was worried about my skin melting off when I first tried this, but it's really not harsh at all! The peeling gel is made with Elm tree root extract along with water soluble moisture elements to gently remove the dead skin, and Citrus grandis peel extract to help soften skin after use. Definitely my favorite product in the whole set - I suggest using this gel once every two weeks (depending on how bad your skin is).


All in all, I absolutely loved testing out all four products and I'm so happy I was introduced to such a fantastic and inexpensive brand (thanks Susana!). It's so important to have a morning as well as an evening skin care routine and Atomy just makes it so much easier for you by providing an evening skin care set like this. If you want to try it for yourself you can find it here , here , aaaaand here!

Lots of love,

T x