If you're subscribed to my YouTube channel, then you've probably seen my 'LIFE UPDATE' video which goes into great detail about my current hair situation (if you haven't seen it you can watch it here, or scroll to the end of this post). Anyways, in that video I showed you my hair breakage due to the bleaching and I made the difficult decision to go ahead and get THE BIG CHOP.

Now before I show you guys how I look, though you might have seen it on my social medias by now, I just wanted to give you a quick background on how important my hair is...or was to me. My whole life my hair has been what really boosted my confidence or crushed it. When I started straightening it I felt like the baddest biatch, but when it started to feel and look like straw I felt like a troll. When I got blonde highlights I was on some 'light skin sweetie' vibes, but when my hair became dry and difficult to comb, thus forcing me into dying it back to brown and leaving it natural - I felt like a rat. When my hair FINALLY felt healthy and curled it wasn't enough - so I went blonde and I was FEEEELLLIIINNNN MYSELF, but that didn't last long as my hair began to drop out; and now we're here.

I have short boyish hair and I'm slowly learning to not let my hair define me.
I'm on this whole natural hair journey and it's definitely out of my comfort zone. Having short hair, especially hair THIS short, is so weird and terrifying. Anticipating peoples reactions and dealing with the not-so-nice ones is definitely hard and has me being an emotional wreck but it's not like I can magically grow long, curly, healthy hair overnight soooo I guess I just have to take the criticism with a grain of salt and allow it to toughen me up as a person. Anyways, here is my hair transformation:

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 11.16.28 PM.png

Lots of love,

T x