It seems that summer flew by this year and I will be returning to uni in no time. I decided it was time to re-visit my favourite beach during my last few weeks of summer break, so my boyfriend and I road tripped for three hours to get to Sauble Beach. Along the way we passed through farm land and pointed out all the cow herds, the sheep, and the gorgeous horses. We also passed through little towns and county's which I fell in love with.

When we finally reached Sauble, it looked like it was going to start raining badly. The clouds were grey and the rain would barely drizzle here and there. We decided to to take a look at all the beach shops just in case they packed up and left once the rain started. Funny enough the clouds passed through without ever pouring down on us and the hot sun returned. I felt like I was in a movie as I searched through racks of beach clothes, anklets, rings and necklaces.

We ate Beaver dogs and Beaver tails (a sweet Canadian pastry)and then journeyed along the shoreline in search of a perfect spot to lay our towels out. We had a sneak peek at the sandfest competition and spotted some of the vintage cars left over from the car show - it was so cool. Once we found our spot, we darted into the water and let me tell you - it was FREEZING. I made it up to my waist before I quit and headed back to the towels to sun bathe. Jay (my boyfriend) was not impressed - hahaha.

We tanned...well, I tanned. He spent majority of the time placing rocks on my back so that I would have random circles on my back from the tan, and burying my hand so that I wouldn't be able to move it. Boys *rolls eyes*.

We headed back into the town after a few hours to get ice cream and then made our way back to the car to begin our three hour journey back home. It was so much fun and I'm happy I got to show Jay my favourite Canadian beach - I can't wait to go again next year. Take a look at some of the pictures we took below!

Lots of love,

T x