I've finally got my hands on the Farsali Jelly Beam Illuminator, in the shade Glazed, after eyeing it for about a year. I have been wanting to try the Farsali skin care line for quite some time.

It seems that everyone is using their products nowadays and getting some amazing results. The Unicorn Essence and the Rose Gold Elixir both blew up on Instagram especially so I'm particularly interested in trying them both.

The Jelly Beam Luminizer is the first step towards the makeup industry for Farsali and it has definitely been a success as they have no released two additional shades: Glowup, and Rose Goals.

This particular highlighter has a jelly-like consistency, but sets to a powder which is pretty damn revolutionary in my opinion. It's PACKED with pigments so once it dries to a powder it still keeps its wet look. You can definitely build with this product to get you BEAMING but remember, a tiny little bit is more than enough for a normal everyday look. 


Keeping in mind that Farsali is a brand that specializes in skincare, its no surprise that their makeup is also great for your skin. The Jelly Beam Luminizer is oil-free, and talc-free and is also packed with ingredients that help protect from free radicals and keep your skin super hydrated.

With that being said, you could pretty much use this all over your body and know that you're actually helping your skin. If you want to be absolutely glowing, you can mix this in with some of your foundation to really get an overall shimmer. I like to use this product on my nose, my cheekbones, my brow bone, my cupids bow, and my collar bones to really make them POP and especially on my legs when it's a photo shoot or beach day.

If you're not sure whether or not you should try this...try it! You can never own too many highlighters and everyone loves a good glow :) Plus, Farsali is cruelty free!

This product runs for $50.00CAD on Sephora for a 15 mL size which is more than enough in my opinion, it should last you for a few months even if you use this product daily (unless you're slathering your body in this product every day). 

Have you tried any Farsali products? If so, let me know which products and your thoughts on them in the comments section below!

Lots of love,

T x